Day 4 - Walking down from the Loreley to St Goarshausen
Day 4 - Walking down from the Loreley to St Goarshausen 
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£795.00 (2017)
Per person
8 nights B&B, 1 evening meal, 3 picnics, luggage transfers between hotels
Maximum party size 16
5 - 6½ hours per day
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Castles of the Rhine (Germany)
From Bingen to Koblenz
Full Description

A self-guided hike along the Rhine Gorge (UNESCO world heritage) from Bingen to Koblenz, through famous villages (Kaub, Bacharach, St. Goar, Boppard, Rhens) and the Loreley of legend.  20 castles and local Rieslings to delight in.


Grade: Medium or easy-medium


Castles and the Romantic Rhine

The Rhine Gorge is unique.  Its 20 castles, perched high above the river, some visitable, bear witness to a crucial role in the history of Europe, and to its iconic "Romantic" status for painters, poets and composers.  It is busy and exciting too - the barges negotiating sharp bends and the toy trains (for that is how they look from the footpaths high above), and the river towns and villages - many very old and still wholly or partially fortified - make a pleasant variation from the rural walking. It is also a wine route - every village is proud of its own Riesling vineyards and you will have the chance to sample their produce when you sup after a walking day.  Walked by On Foot staff:  Simon, and Debbie (with Thomas)


Maximum party size 16, maximum in twin rooms 4 (without route variation)


7 night option - miss out second St. Goar night

6 night option - miss second St. Goar night and Koblenz (end at Rhens)

5 night option - miss Bingen, second St. Goar night and Koblenz (end at Rhens)

4 night castle upgrade option - stay Kaub, St. Goar (Schloss Rheinfels), Kamp Bornhofen (Burg Liebenstein), Rhens, walk days 4/5, 6 and 7


  • The spectacular Rhine Gorge
  • 20 castles high above the river
  • Bacharach, the Loreley, St Goar and Roman Boppard
  • The merging of the Rhine and Moselle at Koblenz
  • Riesling and beer gardens

EATING AND DRINKING:  There are some excellent chefs en route - notably Florian at the Weinbergschlößchen, Edgar and Willi at Kaub, and Werner at Rhens.  Werner specializes in "Wildgerichte" from his own hunt - so venison and wild boar in particular.  He recommends a local red wine - Dornfelder from Weingut Kronen-Hof - but a richer Riesling will also work well with "Wild".


WE RECOMMEND: an extra night in Koblenz at the end for a stroll around the town and a trip on the 'Seilbahn' over the Rhine to Ehrenbreitstein, or perhaps a leisurely boat trip down the scenic Moselle.

Route map
Castles of the Rhine (Germany) route map
Route designed by

Peter Münch and Beatrix Greiff

Architect Peter is well known to On Foot walkers as the route advisor on both our Austria and our former Rhine-Moselle walks.  Cousin Beatrix lives on the route and has a portfolio career encompassing jewellery making and being a PA.  She is bilingual in German and French and fluent in English.