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Slovenian Highlands

  • 8 Night Route

    Price: from £1185

Foothills of the Julian Alps to Lake Bled

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Beautiful Lake Bled

Beautiful Lake Bled

Grassy slopes of the Golica ridge

Grassy slopes of the Golica ridge

Explore the spectacular Vintgar Gorge

Explore the spectacular Vintgar Gorge

Kranjska Gora and the Triglav mountain range

Kranjska Gora and the Triglav mountain range

Visit the Russian Chapel

Visit the Russian Chapel

Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora

Mountains, meadows and forests

Mountains, meadows and forests

St Clements church at Mojstrana

St Clements church at Mojstrana

Glassy-smooth Jasna Lake

Glassy-smooth Jasna Lake

Stupendous views from the Golica Circuit

Stupendous views from the Golica Circuit

  • 8 Night Route

    Price: from £1185
Price: from £1185
Nights: 8
Walk: 2½-5 hr/day

Travellers Blog

New route! Try our Slovenian Highlands holiday

Monday 26th February | Posted by On Foot Staff

New route! Try our Slovenian Highlands holiday view article

Miha was really great. He whatsapp'd us when we were on the final leg of our train journey to ensure we were on schedule.

Peter Thomas, Haverhill, UK - May 2024

Self-guided walking in Slovenian Highlands with On Foot Holidays

At a glance

8 nights (7 days walking) - the full route. Add extra nights in Ljubljana perhaps? May be possible to shorten by removing one night in Kranjska Gora and/or Bled, subject to accommodation flexibility.
Suggested route pairing: Classic Slovenia

How much walking?

Full days: 7-16 km per day, 2¾-5 hrs walking
Using shortening options: The 'circular' walks can be adapted to suit your energy levels.

Max. Grade:

Mountain walking made easy

The northwest corner of Slovenia is popular ski country, but outside of the winter season it is a walker’s paradise. Our chosen route gives a sense of being in the mountains but without tricky ascents and descents.  In its summer clothes the area is verdant and the plentiful rivers and waterfalls flow with impossibly pale blue water.  From fashionable Kranjska Gora our route traces a path along the Sava valley and its tributaries, and scales the heights of a mini-mountain overlooking Austria before turning south to explore the relative sophistication of much-photographed Lake Bled.

You will stay in small hotels, B&Bs and selected apartments, and enjoy hearty mountain fayre at huts and refuges, experiencing the renowned friendliness of the people of this little country at the northern limits of the Balkans.

Walked by On Foot staff: Simon and Debbie

Consider pairing this route with Classic Slovenia (from Ljubljana to Trieste) – for more details click here.

TRAVEL ADVICE: To find the latest travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office for UK citizens travelling to Slovenia, click here. Citizens of other nations will also find it useful, but should always check their appropriate local agency.

ARTICLES: Read an article about On Foot’s Slovenian Highlands holiday from The Times newspaper here.

Route Highlights

  • Green Europe at its most beguiling
  • Lake Jasna deep in the Julian Alps
  • Apfelstrudel and kremšnita
  • A Russian chapel with poignant history
  • A region of gorges, waterfalls, lakes and rivers
  • Beautiful Lake Bled with its famous island church
  • The culture of mountain huts

This route features the following characteristics and interests: Mountains, Villages and farms, Woods, Food

Things you should know

  • As a route in the mountains, the weather here can be unreliable … be prepared for rain and sun in all seasons!

We Recommend

An extra night in Lake Bled to ensure you have time for all the region can offer. An extra night in Kranjska Gora at the start to hire bikes and explore further into the area. Nights in Ljubljana at the start or end to discover the Hapsburg legacy.

Eating and Drinking

Enjoy traditional mountain food at Pr’Betel – hostess Vera has won many cooking awards (ensure you try her Kremšnita!), and works with other local producers to supply her breakfast and dinner table. Mojstrana is more ordinary, but Kranjska Gora (surprisingly) and Bled have more sophisticated offerings. Vines are not generally grown in this area, but you’ll be able to enjoy the wines of Slovenia wherever you go, often ones that are not exported.

How much Walking?

Full days: 7-16 km per day, 2¾-5 hrs walking
Using shortening options: The 'circular' walks can be adapted to suit your energy levels.

Well-marked paths, no steep sections. Highest point on route: 1835m.

Medium: Average cumulative uphill stretches (CUSs) 550m (80m-900m) per day.

Acrophobia/vertigo warnings: Golica circuit – avoidable by adapting to a there-and-back route

GPX file available for handheld GPS or smartphone App for complete route.

Important note: Times given for each day are  walking times for an “average” walker and exclude stops.  “CUSs” stands for “Cumulative Uphill Stretches” and measures the aggregated ascents in each day, expressed in metres of climb.  See “Walk Grading” for more information.

When to go?

The best months to walk: mid-May to mid-September

The summer season is a relatively short one because of the potential for late-lying snow and accommodations and other services closing by the end of September to regroup before the onslaught of winter.  Mid-May will bring spring flowers and fast flowing water, July and August will bring warmth (and busy-ness!), September will retain the warmth of the summer but with a sense of winding down.

Start Dates


Weather Chart


Temperature and rainfall chart for Slovenia


About the Route

Day 1 - Arrive in Kranjska Gora

Arrive in Kranjska Gora and, having checked in to your hotel, explore this little town, and decide on your supper restaurant.

Day 2 - Lake Jasna Circuit

A day of two mountain huts (in the right season) and a Russian chapel with a poignant history. First, a ‘trim track’ to start the day (just in case…) at the start of an easy walk to Jasna Lake. Never far from the Pišnica river, ascend gently to first one and then another hut before a final climb up to the Ruska Kapelica, built by Russian POWs in the first world war to honour those compatriots who died building the Vršič pass road. Return partly by the same route. (Medium: 4¼ hrs walking (allow 6 hrs), 16½ km (10½ miles), CUSs 560m)

Alternative: just walk as far as Lake Jasna, or spend time exploring the town.  You could also hire a bike, visit the source of the Sava river, the ski jumps in Planica even cycle to Laghi di Fusine in nearby Italy … lots of hire options in the town.

Day 3 - Kranjska Gora to Mojstrana

Firstly into the hills to the east of Kranjska Gora with a steep climb to wake you up. Then after a walk which contours through the woods and a possible coffee stop at a mountain hut only reachable on foot, a descent to Gozd Martuljek and the potential of seeing a waterfall up close before an afternoon bus on to Mojstrana.  (Easy-medium: 2½ hrs walking (allow 3¼ hrs), 8 km (5 miles), CUSs 380m. Add 3 km for waterfall walk, 1hr, CUSs 125m.)

Alternative: bus all the way.

Day 4 - Triglav and the Bistrica Trail

Take a bus (taxi included out of season) up to the car park below the Aljazev Dom and explore as far as you feel comfortable (perhaps to the foot of the north face of Triglav, the Slovenian national mountain), before returning to the Dom (for refreshment?) and heading down the picturesque Bistrica Trail. The path takes in Alpine beech forest, fascinating geological formations and the 100m-high Peričnik Waterfall before finishing with a visit to, we suggest, the Slovenian Alpine Museum in Mojstrana. (Medium hard: 4½ hrs walking (allow 6 hrs), 16 km (10 miles), CUSs 660m)

Alternative: Omit the Peričnik Waterfall climb up and down, saving 1km/120m CUSs, still with an opportunity to detour to the foot of the falls;
OR stay in Mojstrana for the day – perhaps hire a bike via our luggage transferor (based in the village), spend time at the Alpine Museum.

Day 5 - Mojstrana to Planina pod Golico

A longish day but a relatively easy one, as the climbing for the first two and a half hours is at a shallow gradient along a vehicle track. Over three-quarters of the day uses the same track, so navigation is very easy. After the village of Dovje the track ascends through woodland, with lovely views at the start, though only occasionally thereafter. On a hot day the trees are a relief. You come out again into the open at the 3:40 mark, and from then the scenery is varied. After the village of Dovski Rovt the track becomes a lovely path to the outskirts of Planina Pod Golico, though prepare yourself for a tough climb to the village and a long walk on the road (about 1 km) to your next accommodation. (Medium-hard: 4½ hrs (allow 6 hrs), 16 km (10 miles), CUSs 875m)

Alternative: Lift with the luggage as far as Plavski Rovt (no charge if you wait for the transfer; €40 payable to driver for bespoke timing). From Plavski Rovt: 1 hr, 2¾ km, CUS 200m.

Day 6 - Golica circuit

After a lift to avoid some of today’s climbing, you ascend to just below a mountain hut. Then traverse the hillside below Golica on a lovely mountain path before a long climb on the border between Slovenia and Austria. Arrive at the walk’s high point and admire far-reaching views to the Julian Alps one way, and Austria the other. Finally, descend via a mountain hut (open in season) and return to your accommodation for a hearty and deserved meal.  (Medium-hard: 4¾ hrs walking (allow 6¼ hrs), 9¼ km (6 miles), CUSs 800m)

Alternative: From the drop-off point, a there-and-back walk to and past the hut to the top of Golica, then descending through the forest to your accommodation.

Day 7 - Planina pod Golico to Bled

A few hours final leg-stretch to bring you down from the foothills of the Julian Alps to a charming hut in the forest for an early lunch. Then a lift to beautiful Lake Bled and your next accommodation. (Medium: 2½ hrs walking (allow 3¼ hrs), 6½ km (4 miles), CUSs 450m)

Alternative: Lift all the way – supplement may apply.

Day 8 - Bled circuits

A choice of walking today: you could take a bus to the spectacular Vintgar Gorge and walk back through the woods and past St Catherine’s Church into town; you could do a circuit of the lake, climbing steeply to an amazing viewpoint if you wish … or you could just explore the town.

Vintgar Gorge: Easy: 3hrs (allow 4hrs), 11½km (7miles), CUSs 275m. Alternative option: walk as far as the return bus point and take the bus back to Bled. 50mins, 2¾km (1¾ miles), CUSs 80m

Lake Bled Circuit, if done in full: Medium: 2½hrs walking (allow 3¼hrs), 7½km (4½miles), CUSs 400m.  Shorter options possible, missing a steep climb and/or a visit to the Castle.

Departure day

Depart hotel (or choose to stay further nights here or perhaps in Ljubljana)

Travel Information


Nearest railway station:
Start: Jesenice, then bus (or pre-booked taxi) from there to Kranjska Gora
Finish: Bled – use Lesce-Bled station (order a taxi there through your accommodation)

Sample journey by rail:
Via Frankfurt: Frankfurt to Villach, Villach to Jesenice ~9 hrs;
Return to Frankfurt: Lesce-Bled to Villach, Villach to Frankfurt ~10 hrs

We suggest for times, ticket booking and other information.


Not recommended given the shape of the route and the lack of parking in Bled.


The best ‘local’ airport is Ljubljana.

Land by (Ljubljana): any time (as a taxi from Ljubljana airport or city to Kranjska Gora is included in the holiday price).

Return flight earliest: 11:00 (taking the 07:30 bus from Bled to Ljubljana airport – or take a taxi, book locally).

Flight information can change rapidly and not all flights run daily. Please do check directly with the airlines’ websites or Skyscanner (see below) before finalising any booking with us. Do not book your flights until we have confirmed that we have provisionally reserved accommodation for you.

For up-to-date schedules and flights from all airports check Skyscanner.


Getting to the start of the walk

The first hotel is in Kranjska Gora and the last in Bled.  Transfer times and methods are suggested for the outward journey from and the return to Ljubljana airport.


Taxi (included in holiday price) directly to Kranjska Gora.

Full transfer advice, including timetables, is provided in your Walkers’ Pack.  Contact us if you would like additional pre-booking information.

Where You'll Stay

Accommodation at the start of the route is equally at home in the summer season as the winter, and the stays are comfortable if not luxurious until (unsurprisingly) Lake Bled.  Please note that twin rooms are in short supply although our standard accommodation in Bled (Old Parish House) only has twin rooms, though usually with the bed frames pushed together!

Kranjska Gora – Hotel Kotnik, B&B

Night 1 & 2

Kranjska Gora – Hotel Kotnik, B&B

Traditional mountain hotel in centre.

Kranjska Gora – Hotel Lipa, B&B

Night 1 & 2 (Upgrade)

Kranjska Gora – Hotel Lipa, B&B

Comfortable family run hotel in quiet area.

Mojstrana – apartment accommodation (breakfast supplied separately)

Night 3 & 4

Mojstrana – apartment accommodation (breakfast supplied separately)

A range of comfortable apartments in this little town - let us know if you would like an upgrade.

Planina pod Golico – Pr’ Betel (dinner, B&B)

Night 5 & 6

Planina pod Golico – Pr’ Betel (dinner, B&B)

Long-established and popular accommodation on slopes of Golica.

Bled – Old Parish House (B&B)

Night 7 & 8

Bled – Old Parish House (B&B)

Plain, well situated and quiet accommodation. All rooms have twin/separate beds.

Bled – Vila Mila (B&B)

Night 7 & 8 (Upgrade)

Bled – Vila Mila (B&B)

Beautifully restored and decorated historic villa. Double rooms only (no twins/separate beds).


Price: from £1185 for 8 nights

Total 8 nights in double/twin room, all breakfasts, 2 picnics, 2 evening meals, transfer from Ljubljana to Kranjska Gora and from Dom Pristava to Bled, luggage transfers between all hotels on walking route; full Walkers Pack with route directions, maps, transfer and background information; local telephone support.

Locally levied tourist taxes are not included.

All prices are per person unless otherwise indicated, and are based on a standard booking in May. Prices may vary seasonally and a fixed price will be given to you before you commit.

Single Room Supplement (SRS): From £360
Lone Traveller Additional Supplement (LTAS): From £320
Large Party Saving (LPS): Groups of more than 2 people (on an identical itinerary, in the same booking and booked at the same time) –  discount of at least £30 per person
Maximum party size: 8 (NB: limited twin room availability)


Add Ons

For further nights in any hotel, or extra nights at start or end in Ljubljana: Contact On Foot Holidays

Sending Walkers Packs to addresses outside the UK:  £20-£60 (per pack, location dependent)

Travellers Blog

New route! Try our Slovenian Highlands holiday

Monday 26th February | Posted by On Foot Staff

New route! Try our Slovenian Highlands holiday view article
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Miha Kramberger

Our local team

Miha Kramberger

Miha is a native of Ljubljana, and is happy to have found his "dream job" in tourism. He is proud that he gets to share the beautiful countryside of Slovenia with visitors, and is an enthusiastic traveller himself, as well as a keen sportsman.

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